The Walt Whitman Program in American Studies is an 18-credit interdisciplinary minor. It includes six credits of required courses and an additional 12 credits of electives. Students pursuing the Walt Whitman Track will select from an approved list of electives.

Required Courses

50:050:201  Introduction to American Studies
Using one or more major figures as a focal point, this interdisciplinary course introduces students to the issues, materials, and methodologies of American studies.  Students develop analytical and research tools necessary to understand both the diversity of American experience and the formation of a national culture.  Readings include primary sources and recent scholarship.  In addition to Walt Whitman, who lived and wrote in Camden, other figures who raise important issues and problems in the development of American culture and civilization will be examined. 

50:050:301  American Studies Seminar
Open to minors only.  This course integrates the experiences of students through readings and discussions about American culture and about the evolving field of American studies.  Taken in the senior year. 

50:050:401  Independent Study in American Studies
Under the direction of faculty, students research a selected topic or complete an internship at a local museum, library, or historical site.  Taken in the senior year.