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Contact Information

Dr. Carol Singley
Department of English
(856) 225-6629
Armitage Hall
311 North Fifth Street
Camden New Jersey 08102
United States

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Program Directors:

Faculty Advisors:

  • Dr Blackford, Dept. of English
  • Dr. Fortner, Dept. of Political Science
  • Dr. Green, Dept. of English
  • Dr. Gillette, Dept. of History
  • Dr. Glasker, Dept. of History
  • Dr. Hazzard Donald, Dept. of Sociology
  • Dr. Scranton, Dept. of History
  • Dr. Shankman, Dept. of History
  • Dr. Sill, Dept. of English
  • Dr. Yates, Dept. of Philosophy and Religion
  • Dr. Wall, Dept. of Philosophy, Religion
  • Dr. Woll, Dept. of History, Film Studies